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img_1023#ThrowBack to another time. Where Chardonnay was full bodied; buttery and classic. These were good times and these were good wines.

O’Neil Vintners has brought back the  Chardonnay of days past…their new release of 2015 Harken Chardonnay. img_1024 A golden apple goodness of cream img_1025brûlée with an oaky driven finish yet balanced with crisp fruit flavors. Old School Chardonnay done right.

img_1022The sparkle of spun gold in the glass. A nose full of lightly sautéed apples in butter tempting your palate to bring in the fruit of lychee and pineapple with a creamy texture and full body.Slight toasted notes of oak on the long and lingering finish. Balanced with today’s fruit forwardness yet holding on to the classic traits of what once was. It’s a true Chardonnay lovers delight and hard to believe this wine is only $15 per bottle.

This 2015 Harken Chardonnay really is exceptional and I would love to have it around for an everyday wine to share with friends, family and food.


Four Bottle Rating



** Sample courtesy of Balzac Communications and O’Neil Vintners **