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Part Duex

The WBC12 has now come and gone and as a first time attendee and scholarship recipient, I am still basking in the afterglow! It was an amazing experience and I can honestly put it up there on my short list of lifetime events. As a wine blogger, it’s obvious I’m passionate about wine; food and making friends. This conference accentuated all of those passions and left my heart full of wonderful memories. I learned many, many things with regard to blogging and wine; I experienced a dozen “firsts” and met many of my social media friends for the first time and hopefully not the last! The following is a short list of some of the specific people I want to thank in this post for allowing or helping me gain a place at the WBC12:

To Zephyr Adventures – www.ZephyrAdventures.com
A special thank you for putting on a top notch event. I’ve been to many different industry conferences and this one held up to be at the top of many. It starts with a top notch organization with the utmost professionalism and Zephyr Adventures is that organization. Let’s also not forget that your event circulates around alcohol (wine) – staying organized and professional; a mighty feat indeed! Hats off to you!

To the crew of the Wine Bloggers Conference and Scholarship –
You all are an inspiration to wine lovers and the wine industry. You spend most of your days and nights throughout the year working hard at helping the rest of us enjoy a good time for a mere three days! It’s amazing what you all do and the assistance in seeing us “newbies” get scholarship help is a fabulous thing as well. I toast each of you with a glass of French Champaign! Thanks to you ALL!

To the WBC Scholarship Donors – http://wbcscholarship.com/america/?cat=173
If not for all of you…from $5 to $500…I would not have been able to attend this event this year and would not be writing this blog post. A large, heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you. It means very much to me to take away these special “wine memories”. I truly can’t express how grateful I am.

To Matthew Delaney of The Wine’d Up – www.whichwinecooler.com/thewinedup
Your contest of entering a blog post to win a two night hotel stay at the Double Tree hotel literally made a huge difference in my ability to attend the WBC12 and indirectly affected many other scholarship winners. I’m very grateful for the prize and so happy and fortunate that we also made a lasting friendship! Thank You!

To Bill Eyer of Cuvée Corner – www.cuveecorner.blogspot.com
Bill you are the reason I even found out about a Wine Blogging Conference to begin with. You informed me about it; encouraged me to apply even when I had no confidences in my ability to attend and you encouraged the WBC Scholarship to look me over! You know the story and it’s been told…you are my mentor and now my friend. Thank you so very much for taking me under your wing and supporting a newbie to this blogging community. You have a extra special place at the table of my wine blogging friends and vino sapiens (wink; wink)…Thank You.

Last, but not least – a personal note of thanks to my husband. He’s my biggest fan and has supported my wine passions and travels from day one. Without him in my corner, it wouldn’t mean a thing.

The Wine Bloggers Conference of 2012 was amazing; fun and unforgettable. Truly a wine geeks paradise. Applause to all of you who worked it; donated; attended….this humble wine blogging girl will be forever happy she got to go!

Cheers to more wine!