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Big House White Wine Blend 2011
Big House Unchained Chardonnay 2011

Are you in a rut with the white wine tasting scene? Have you been in a little trouble before with picking out a good white to take to a wine party? Maybe you’ve not been utilizing your full potential while you were out on parole? Get yourself over to the Big House! That’s right…wines from Big House Wines.

Big House Wines are playful, everyday wines. They are not pretentious; they don’t claim to be something they are not. Down to earth, good value, serious wines made from quality California fruit with a not so serious label! Big House Wines are located in Soledad, CA right across the road from the California State Correctional Facility. Hence the name and the label. But don’t let it fool you! There is a great wine under those funny labels and quotes and new world winemaking that has put Big House on the map. They offer a large varietal choice and were actually one of the first wineries to market all of their wines with screw top closures. Now also offering wines in 3L wine casks (boxed).

I was given a few samples of the Big House white wines this summer. I had never tried the line…found them light and funny to look at…serious value to sip on. The white wines seem to really appeal to “everyday”. The “patio sipper”; the “drinking by the lake” wine; the ever so famous “what do I take to the party and not spend a lot of money” wine and of course “does this go with chicken?” wine.

Big House White Wine Blend 2011 – an interesting choice of many popular drinking whites to make a not so typical blend. Viognier; Malvasia Blanca; Gruner Veltliner; Gewürztraminer; Albariño; Sauvignon Blanc; Muscat Canelli; Chardonnay; Riesling and Pinot Grigio. The color on this white was like that of a Sauvignon Blanc; pale yellow….almost straw like. It has a big nose on it….giant apricots; kiwi and pears coming from the Riesling & Gewürztraminer. Also having some floral notes of lavender in the background; this coming from Viognier. The flavors on the tongue replicate the nose-apricots; kiwi with a very crisp effect but still light on acidity. It is somewhat light bodied and short on the finish, but its really ok on this wine blend. Its not complex and doesn’t claim to be….it may have a long list of players….but its straight forward and delicious.  It a great summer sipper, serve chilled…even a bit more chilled than I normally serve my whites as this one lends to the coolness. And I can attest the Big House White Blend was actually better the second day! Awesome wines when you get a two day effect out of them!

Big House Unchained Chardonnay 2011 – this un-oaked (unchained) Chardonnay is classic fruit. Crisp and clear it yields a light golden color. Smells of apples and pears with hints of lime and grapefruit. The taste is also fruity with peaches and pears and some great acidity of lime. there is good mouth feel – medium body and a moderate finish. Rather classic, basic un-oaked 100% Chardonnay. Can’t really go wrong with it.

I give both of these Big House whites a THREE BOTTLE rating. They are winners when you want a few bottles around of something good and reliable. They are perfect to pick up at the store for any weeknight dinner or on your way to the weekend party. Big House White Blend and Unchained Chardonnay sell for around $10.00 or less. Can’t beat it!  You can find these wines at many popular retailers or go directly to www.BigHouseWines.com. (a very fun website I might add!)
Stop feeling like you’ve been locked to a ball and chain with the same ‘ol routine of grocery store has-beens‘.  It’s time for you to break free and find these unshackled wines from the slammer! As Big House Wines says…”they’re so good, it’s almost criminal”! …And they’re right!




**  Samples Courtesy of Folsom & Associates  **