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Instead of a single California winery feature this month, I’d like to introduce you to a place where the Pinot Noir flows freely from bottles to glasses to your lips….Oregon Wine Country. This is Part 2 of several posts this month on the places, people and wine of Oregon.

Although I focus my reviews and writings primarily on California wines and wine country (because it’s what I know well and where I live) there are so many up and coming wine country areas across the United States that to only play in California is like locking yourself in a closet with a case of wine. It’ll be fun for awhile, but what other tastes are out there? What different countrysides can I see? Not to mention, you will eventually run out of wine! Oregon wine country is a west coast adventure that you MUST throw into your annual wine country vacations. As a Napa girl at heart; I can’t believe I’d say this, but skip California one year and plan a trip to Oregon. I’m very glad I was able to visit a few wineries and experience so many Oregon wines while I was at the 5th annual Wine Bloggers Conference that was held in Portland this year. It has opened my eyes to a “wine world” that I want to go back to over and over. The following is a “Featured Highlight” of ONE of the many special wines and places I got to visit while in Oregon last month…


A quaint winery in McMinnville, OR – R. Stuart & Co. Winery. Their wines are amazing and a hidden gem if I were ever to say there was one!

I was graciously invited to R. Stuart & Co. by Maria when I was in Oregon earlier this year for the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland. The visit was not only to see their winery & taste their beautiful wines, but also to enjoy a bite of lunch and attend a true blue “blending seminar”, with the guidance of Rob, his assistant winemaker, Erick and Maria herself. It was an incredible experience. Not only did I actually learn a lot during the blending seminar…..my group (table) was quite lively and we had a blast! We were broken down by groups at five tables. I think I can speak for all four of us at my table when I say, we did not know what the hell we we’re doing…but what fun we had doing it! In the end we were to blend a Pinot Noir to our liking and R. Stuart & Co. is taking our formulas to send us a bottle of that specific wine, in the months to come. After hearing each of the other tables read their formulas of Pinot Noir, it was obvious when our turn came, we had no idea what we had made…..but it tasted good! We named it….”Bad Ass Pinot – Ghetto Wine”. Enough said.

All fun aside, the wines at R. Stuart & Co. are the real deal. Wines made with talent, care and above all else; passion. The same passion that shows in the wonderful nature of Rob and Maria themselves. All of the wines we tasted were fabulous and tremendous values. It’s always hard to pick a favorite when a winery does all of them right; but if one stood out for me, it was the Autograph Pinot Noir. A beautiful structure of fruit and balanced acidity that makes my mouth water just remembering how it tasted.

R. Stuart & Co. Winery is a must stop when you are visiting the Willamette Valley wine country or just in McMinnville, OR. Rob and Maria stand at the ready to host you into a world of Oregon wine, made by kind, caring Oregonians with a passion for wine and a “Big Fire” in their hearts, burning to make you happy! Great people; Great wines. Thank You R. Stuart & Co. Winery! Cheers!

** For more information about this winery and their wines go to: www.rstuartandco.com **